WELCOME TO Ground Flight, Inc.

Ground Flight Inc. offers the Futurecraft Automatic Pressure Intensifier. The intensifier attaches to your oxygen or nitrogen cart/bottle and thus makes them completely mobile. There is no air hose or cord required to operate this intensifier, as it is self-contained, working off of the bottle pressure. You can move your cart/bottle around the ramp with no lines or hoses attached!

This product line has been in service for over 40 years, servicing all types of aircraft including commercial, military, and corporate. Rebuilds on this unit are being performed to units that are over 40 years old. The longevity of the product is truly amazing. The unit is portable, weighing only 15 pounds. The intensifier automatically turns on/off when the desired psi setting is reached. This allows mechanics to perform other pre-flight operations simultaneously. It boosts at a 10:1 ratio (500 psi produces 5,000 psi), enabling high-pressure bottles to be used instead of returning the bottle to the gas supplier two-thirds full.
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